The Power of Positivity in Your Cancer Journey

    In the face of cancer, positivity can be a game-changer! Research and countless inspiring stories have shown that maintaining a positive mindset can have a profound impact on the journey to survival. Here’s why:   🌼 Emotional Resilience: A positive attitude helps build emotional resilience, enabling us to better cope with the challenges of cancer. It gives us

Platinum Drug Shortage Impacts Patients with Thymic Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 17, 2023 THYMIC CARCINOMA CENTER CALLS FOR ACTION AMID NATIONWIDE SHORTAGE OF CRITICAL CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS CARBOPLATIN AND CISPLATIN OLATHE, KANSAS – The Thymic Carcinoma Center (TCC), an organization dedicated to supporting those battling thymic carcinoma, is deeply concerned about the nationwide shortage of the platinum-based chemotherapy drugs, carboplatin and cisplatin. The shortage has impacted cancer treatment

Cancer Nutrition

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Cancer Treatment By. Gabrielle McGrath, RD MS & CEO of Wellpower Method Recipes below What is Inflammation? Inflammation is your body’s immune system’s response to injuries, irritants, or foreign invaders such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria, or even pollen from plants.   There is a good and bad side to inflammation.   The good side of inflammation is that if

Healthcare Advisor

Thymic Carcinoma Center Offers Healthcare Advisor Benefit to Help Patients Navigate Insurance Challenges Thymic Carcinoma Center has partnered with a Healthcare Advisor that provides consulting services for our members to assist with medical claims resolution, insurance evaluation, and clarification, as well as options for saving money on premiums and discovering financial mistakes to save clients money. They also provide clinical

Angel Flight provides FREE flights for people in need

Angel Flight provides FREE flights for people in need Angel Flight is the name used by a number of groups whose members provide free air transportation for passengers in need of medical treatment far from home.  There are several Angel Flight organizations across the United States, broken out by region: Angel Flight West, East, Central, Northeast, South Central, Southeast Transportation

Thymic Carcinoma Center Funds First Medical Research Grant (Press Release)

Originally released June 20, 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Justine Kane, Marketing Director [email protected] New Nonprofit Foundation Makes a Huge Impact on Rare Cancer Weill Cornell Medicine Center Receives $240,000 for Critical Cancer Research Olathe, Kansas, June 13, 2022 – Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University (“Weill Cornell”) located in New York, NY has been awarded

Exercise is Medicine – Resources for Cancer Wellness

Article written by Sara Mansfield, MS, NBC-HWC is a Wellness Exercise Specialist for the Healthy Living Program at Mayo Clinic In this blog I hope to share some helpful information and guidance for managing your well-being during and after treatment. Most of the information will be evidence-based and some from insights I have gained working with cancer survivors over my

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