2022 Annual Report

The Thymic Carcinoma Center (TCC) Goals, are to provide a set of integrated and interrelated information and educational programs, patient financial assistance, and medical research grants, in assisting cancer patients and their families throughout their Thymic Carcinoma journey.

A Message from Michael Delaney


Thank you for making 2022 yet another remarkable year for Thymic Carcinoma Center! This year marked a full year of providing needed services and programs for patients and their caregivers as well as investing in needed biomedical research for our cancer. Our dedicated staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers have done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our programs and services. At Thymic Carcinoma Center we say, “It’s not just about cancer, it’s about HOPE” and what we mean is that we want our members to get the best doctors, treatments, and support to live healthy and happy lives.


We have been able to implement both member assistance and programs delivered directly to our growing members that are increasing at 18% year over year and accomplish our goals in 2022.

A few program highlights include: Establishing our Cancer Wellness Program; Funding a biomedical grant for $240,000 to develop new cell lines for better treatments and efficacy of treatments; Implementing our Patient Assistance Program to provide financial travel assistance for those patients that need to travel for their trials, procedures, or treatments; Conducted fundraisers in Boston, Kansas City, and Cary, North Carolina that raised over $100,000 to fund many more needed programs and research for Thymic Carcinoma.


Our ongoing goal is to keep our overhead low while being patient-focused by increasing needed programs and research for our patients and caregivers, and this is where you truly make this possible! Thymic Carcinoma Center is more vital than ever due to our continually expanding community who have come together to donate their time, resources, and talent to support our mission.


This year alone, we worked with diverse types of corporate sponsors and had over 250 individual donors; volunteers logged over 1,200 hours; our Board of Directors has helped us dramatically increase our donor base, and our Advisory Board has assisted us in expanding our understanding of our cancer patients and their needs to fight cancer.


But thanks to you, our voice continued to be heard among needed doctors and researchers in need of doing more for our rare type of cancer. In addition, we continued to fight for meaningful change for patients and survivors of Thymic Carcinoma cancer. Over the next year, all market indicators provide a leaner giving market from both corporate and individual donors. Therefore it will be even more imperative for our board and staff to take advantage of all financial grants and corporate sponsorships and work with community partners to support our programs for 2023.


Thank you for wholeheartedly being a part of the Thymic Carcinoma Center. In these pages, we look at some of the things we were able to do together. This community is strong and resilient. Thanks to you, we are more hopeful than ever. We are looking forward to much more in 2023!




Michael Delaney

President/Executive Director


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Thymic Carcinoma Center is funded entirely by donations and grants from individuals, foundations, companies, and special events. Thank you for considering a gift to our foundation. Every donation helps! Your kind donation helps Thymic Carcinoma Center provides patient assistance, education, and medical research needed to help those with Thymic Carcinoma Cancer. Thank you from all of us!!
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