2023 Annual Report

The Thymic Carcinoma Center (TCC) Goals, are to provide a set of integrated and interrelated information and educational programs, patient financial assistance, and medical research grants, in assisting cancer patients and their families throughout their Thymic Carcinoma journey.

Dear Community,


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your pivotal role in making 2023 an exceptional year for our patients and caregivers. Amidst the global challenges, it has been a year of profound fulfillment as we strived to meet our Foundation’s commitments and obligations.

A notable shift has been observed in the engagement of our partners and donors. Beyond mere financial contributions, they seek meaningful involvement in our mission. This evolving dynamic underscores a desire for alignment between our mission and programs and their personal or corporate aspirations. Consequently, our relationships are evolving into more personalized and tailored partnerships.


The Thymic Carcinoma Center has responded to this changing landscape by enhancing existing programs and dedicating resources to imperative research to benefit our patients and caregivers. Through the unwavering dedication of our staff and volunteers and the steadfast support of our Board of Directors, the Thymic Carcinoma Center has not only expanded its membership but also enriched the array of services provided to our members.  In adherence to our mission, we maintain a laser focus on instilling hope and offering support to thymic carcinoma patients and their families. The transformative impact of technology in identifying thymic carcinoma has led to a substantial increase in membership and augmented demand for additional programs, information, and patient assistance in treatment plans.


Recognizing this growing need, we are committed to introducing further programs and services to bolster our members and their families. Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to funding pivotal research to develop more effective treatments for thymic cancers.  We are profoundly thankful for the generous support of our corporate sponsors, individual donors, and our actively engaged Board of Directors. Their significant contributions have empowered the Thymic Carcinoma Center to expand and sustain these vital programs.  As we step into the coming year, we look forward to continuing this journey with your steadfast support. We are united in our mission to provide hope, support, and progress in the realm of thymic carcinoma.


Several noteworthy programs have been introduced: life coaching for grieving caregivers and patients, a healthcare advisor service to navigate insurance programs, and a service to decipher healthcare bills accurately. Our Patient Assistance Program now covers travel costs for treatments, trials, and second opinions with thymic carcinoma experts. The Thymic Carcinoma Center redesigned its website for enhanced information access, multilingual support, and compliance with new standards.

Our ongoing commitment is to maintain low overhead while prioritizing patient and medical research. Community support is crucial to achieving our 2024 goals. Our staff and board members contribute time, resources, and talents, fostering collaboration with the community. With your continued support, we strive for meaningful change and progress in thymic carcinoma patient survival.


As we approach 2025, a challenging year with economic factors and a presidential election, market indicators suggest limited giving. We must leverage grants, sponsorships, and community engagement to fulfill our mission. Your involvement is pivotal in securing resources for patients and caregivers.  We offer our sincerest thanks for being part of the Thymic Carcinoma Center. The forthcoming report details our 2023 efforts, showcasing the foundation’s dedication to our vision and mission. This community’s strength and resilience inspire hope, and we anticipate much success in 2024.






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