Thymic Carcinoma Center Offers Healthcare Advisor Benefit to Help Patients Navigate Insurance Challenges

Thymic Carcinoma Center has partnered with a Healthcare Advisor that provides consulting services for our members to assist with medical claims resolution, insurance evaluation, and clarification, as well as options for saving money on premiums and discovering financial mistakes to save clients money. They also provide clinical assistance with choosing medical healthcare options. Healthcare Advisor saves you time on the phone dealing with insurance companies and filing claims with the insurance commissioner when necessary. Over $50,000 saved for clients.

Examples include over $50,000 sent to collections for errors in the coding for an emergency room stay resolved for our client.


Incorrect insurance numbers on claims that created billing errors and invoices stating that the amount due is a patient balance. Over $10,000 saved.


Thymic Carcinoma Center will cover your yearly membership costs, which include a one-hour consultation and a monthly tips and tricks newsletter.


Once they evaluate our members’ challenges, Thymic Carcinoma Center will cover the first $500.00 costs. Member and Healthcare Advisor will establish an agreed-upon rate and time for completion of the case.

Benefits include:


1. Saving time and money with healthcare providers and insurance companies – more than $100,000 saved for clients.


2. Analyzing insurance options and assisting in selecting the best financial and medical coverage for the least amount of money. Choosing the right medical insurance can be confusing. Let us assist in the evaluation of options.


3. Assisting clients with options for purchasing medications that provide significant savings through manufacturer rebates and other sources.


4. Assisting clients in making informed decisions about their care. We will assist in navigating the complex maze of healthcare for those dealing with critical, chronic, or catastrophic medical need.

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