Welcome to our community for those with Thymic Carcinoma and their loved ones! Whether you’re a long-time fighter or just received the news, you’re in the right place.


Finding reliable information about thymic carcinoma is challenging. Finding others diagnosed with the disease can be even more difficult. This website helps you access up-to-date information about treatment options and resources on your journey. It’s also a safe and supportive space to connect with others who can relate and share experiences.

The organization and website are managed by a diverse team, that includes patients and caregivers with lived experience.

Our goal is to make sure you’re well-informed to make the best treatment decisions. While our content is informative, always consult a healthcare professional for medical advice.


We are honored to support you on this journey, and we’re here to help in any way we can. You’re not alone! We’re here for you!


Education & Awareness

Education & Awareness

We educate patients, their families, and the general public about this rare cancer to assist them in making informed healthcare decisions

Cancer Wellness Services

Cancer Wellness Services

We provide an interactive network of support for those effected by thymic carcinoma that focuses on diet, nutrition, exercise and power or positivity

Patient Assistance

Patient Assistance

We provide financial assistance to eligible patients and caregivers traveling for treatment within the United States



We fund medical research grants aimed at innovating targeted therapies and finding a cure for thymic cancer


With You on Your Journey

On this site, you will find answers to frequently asked questions, current scientific research papers with understandable summaries designed for the average person (in case you don’t have a medical license), and practical information on clinical trials, genomic testing, and common treatments. We are not a medical organization but we will provide the best medical information we can find or that's available. The good news is that we have members who are Healthcare Providers focused on Thymic Carcinoma who contribute to our site.

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Platinum Drug Shortage Impacts Patients with Thymic Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 17, 2023 THYMIC CARCINOMA CENTER CALLS FOR ACTION AMID NATIONWIDE SHORTAGE OF CRITICAL CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS CARBOPLATIN AND CISPLATIN OLATHE, KANSAS – The Thymic Carcinoma Center (TCC), an organization dedicated to supporting those battling thymic carcinoma, is deeply concerned about the nationwide shortage of the platinum-based chemotherapy drugs, carboplatin and cisplatin. The shortage has impacted cancer treatment


The Power of Positivity in Your Cancer Journey

    In the face of cancer, positivity can be a game-changer! Research and countless inspiring stories have shown that maintaining a positive mindset can have a profound impact on the journey to survival. Here’s why:   🌼 Emotional Resilience: A positive attitude helps build emotional resilience, enabling us to better cope with the challenges of cancer. It gives us


Cancer Nutrition

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Cancer Treatment By. Gabrielle McGrath, RD MS & CEO of Wellpower Method Recipes below What is Inflammation? Inflammation is your body’s immune system’s response to injuries, irritants, or foreign invaders such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria, or even pollen from plants.   There is a good and bad side to inflammation.   The good side of inflammation is that if


Donate to Thymic Carcinoma

Thymic Carcinoma Center is funded entirely by donations and grants from individuals, foundations, companies, and special events. Thank you for considering a gift to our foundation. Every donation helps! Your kind donation helps Thymic Carcinoma Center provides patient assistance, education, and medical research needed to help those with Thymic Carcinoma Cancer. Thank you from all of us!!
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