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My husband Bryan was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 4 Thymic Carcinoma. It has been a very long 10 plus years battling this cancer with not much information at the beginning of our journey due to the rarity of this disease. Bryan battled this cancer for approximately 4-5 years before discovering a clinical trial where we met other Thymic Carcinoma patients. During this trial, we needed to sell our home due to the fact we had to travel every 3 weeks for about a year and a half and it created a financial burden on top of the physical and mental aspects of fighting cancer.


Since meeting Mike Delaney and being introduced to the Thymic Carcinoma Center and the Facebook group that he helped create, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge because of the information and positive support from these groups. We have been introduced to doctors we would not have been otherwise known, who have been an incredible help to my husband’s care. We also feel relieved that if Bryan ever needs to be involved in another clinical trial outside of our home, we will have not only the emotional and informative support from this group but potentially some financial support from this group. We can’t thank the Thymic Carcinoma Center and this Facebook group enough for all the help we have received along our journey. Unicorn strong!!

Bryan and Doreen Way

Massachusetts, USA

Fellow Unicorns:


I would like to acknowledge this incredible group. My husband, Alan, was diagnosed with stage 4b Thymic Carcinoma in 2015. He had a 12 x 11 cm mass that was found by accident. As many of you know, this diagnosis was devasting. I found this group and spoke directly to an amazing man, Michael Delaney. He and many others, people battling this terrible disease and those who are caretakers of their loved ones, continue to be a God sent to Alan and me.


I learned so much from everyone on this site about TC, treatments, and especially when all things seemed dismal, many of whom I’ve never met, posted comments of encouragement, love, and support. My husband still battles TC, but his main tumor is now calcified and measures 6 x 7 cm. He has very slow-growing metastatic nodules in his right lung. I ask that you continue to be a source of encouragement, support, and information. You are all in my prayers. Love to each and every one of you on your journey as you battle this terrible disease. Stay strong!

Alan and Candy Miller

North Carolina, USA



Just wanted to take a moment to thank this group and all of the work they have done in sharing info and offering words of encouragement. This group has truly been a blessing to me, being able to reach out to others who have the same diagnosis I had.


Many of you all have reached out to me and I am thankful if I have been able to help you in any way. Although I have been cancer-free for 18 yrs, I feel comfortable being in a group I can share treatment, experiences, prayers, etc.


Eighteen years ago I was literally all alone. I knew no one who had Thymic Cancer. Most doctors had never heard of it. I had no one I could talk to or identify with about what I was going through. Today you all have this incredible group of warriors to lean on. Thanks again, Michael. You're an inspiration to us all. Lastly, I am a Christian and I thank God for my recovery. I would not have made it this far if it wasn't for my faith. Every day is a blessing! Keep the faith! Stay strong!

John Cobbs

Virginia, USA

Dear bro & sis, unicorn & warrior family,


My heartiest congratulations, thanks, gratitude, and appreciation to the prime mover, admin, founder, and his team for pioneering & steering these strong TC support groups and Non-Profit Organisation Thymic Carcinoma Center in the USA


I have learned so much from these groups about TC and its treatments, management, etc., which seemed a blur to me initially. I am extremely encouraged by the posted comments of positivity, help, hope, love, support, cheer, joy, motivation, encouragement, etc. The knowledge and input are very resourceful to me to weigh the pros & cons to decide on proposed treatment options as well as the preparedness to deal with and monitor the anticipated side effects. It shall be the continued source of reference, guide, tips, advice, etc to me, my dear husband, and daughter.


It has been a blessing being able to reach out to others who have the same diagnosis as I have. I am glad that I have been able to reciprocate whenever possible gradually as I gather, understand, and digest the history and past info posted.


I am in these groups for about 10 months, the beginning of another new chapter of my remaining life journey having you warriors to motivate, lean on, pray and support, help each other and share info on the response of treatment, sweet and bitter moments, experiences, etc


My health is not something I normally share. Being an active person all these years, I was literally shocked, hopeless and directionless when I was admitted and diagnosed in July last year. None of my family members and closest friends (except my husband and daughter) know about my cancer. Thank my daughter‘s friend Jamin, whose father is also a liver cancer patient, I was introduced to this TC support and FB group.


Sadly to state that most people had never heard of Thymic Carcinoma. When my biopsy report stated that it is squamous cell TC. I was supposed to further be put through other tests to find out where was the primary source of my TC as well as proposal to put a stent to deviate the pressure on the non-operable encapsulated mediastinal mass until another specialist said not necessary. I was then referred to the oncologist.


I am a Christian, I know I will return to my heavenly home one day. I thank God for granting me a healthy happy independent blessed life until late 69 years old when I was diagnosed with TC. I pray God will open door to extend my life with financial aid through immunotherapy/keytruda infusion. At my own cost, I already had the 6th keytruda infusion (up to July 21) and feel so much well-being now. Every day is a blessing and bonus to me compared to initially it was like a dated death sentence, hopelessness & am incurable.


These groups and nonprofit Thymic Carcinoma Center shall be my continual source of help, strength, and guide to live life to the fullest along my remaining life journey before I meet my creator.


It is my continual prayer for all TC warriors for healing, the road to recovery, and the ultimate breakthrough cure. Love to all as we battle this rare disease together.


My best wishes and condolences to families of all who are free of sufferings and are with the lord and their loved ones in heaven.


Congratulation to those who are still alive and kicking: the longest 18 years cancer- anniversary!!!

Cb Kc Tan

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