About Us

Thymic Carcinoma Center started as an idea from a group of patients fighting this cancer and the notion that there needs to be something better than what is currently available to patients and caregivers. Thymic Carcinoma Center’s core mission is to provide education, wellness, and assistance to patients and caregivers and grants for the medical community. Our sole focus is to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Thymic Carcinoma while helping to ensure patients are supported, educated, and happy.

Thymic Carcinoma Center is the result of that idea and vision of the founding members. Formed in 2015 and formally recognized as a national nonprofit in March of 2021.

Thymic Carcinoma Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients and caregivers of those currently diagnosed and undergoing treatment for Thymic Carcinoma through:

> Education
> Cancer Wellness
> Patient Financial Assistance
> Medical Research Grants 

At TCC we are committed to providing patients, families, and advocates with the most up to date, comprehensive research and findings on Thymic Carcinoma. One of the key factors after diagnosis is knowing how to assemble your medical team of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, and local doctors that can create a treatment plan with contingencies for treating this specific cancer. We focus on educating those diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma; keeping you up to date and providing the latest information in easy-to-understand terms, as well as providing all the pertinent information for you to make decisions about your treatment including all available trials specifically for Thymic Carcinoma.
Cancer Wellness
Going through treatment can take a toll on the physical body. Cancer wellness is a holistic approach to feeding your mind, body and soul to help you find balance during these particularly strenuous times. Focusing on support groups, diet & exercise and mental health - TCC is a central place for you to access the critical tools and support you need throughout your journey to assist you and your loved ones in coping with this new fight that you're embarking on together. Whether its a healthy, nutritious diet; simple strength training exercises or resources for anxiety & depression our goal is to make sure that you can put your best and strongest self forward each day.
Medical Research Grants
Thymic Carcinoma is considered one of the rarest forms of cancer. Even with today’s modern medicine, very little data and information is known about this cancer due to the small number of people affected by this disease and the little time and money invested in targeted research every year. More investigation and clinical studies are needed to understand the basic science and treatments in order to enhance and extend the lives of those diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma. Thymic Carcinoma Center provides financial grants for research and technology to achieve a better understanding of this disease, and to positively affect patient outcomes. The ultimate goal is to one day find a cure for Thymic Carcinoma.
Patient Financial Assistance
Going through treatment for cancer is a financially expensive journey with the cost of treatments, travel, and large out-of-pocket costs. If you are lucky enough to have a decent insurance plan this journey can be affordable for some people. Regardless, these additional costs can take a toll on many families who already have other expenses on their plate such as rent/mortgage, childcare, tuition, gas and grocery, etc. On top of that treatments don’t always go as planned and sometimes you have to go outside of insurance for second opinions or targeted clinical trials - many times traveling for several days out of state. Thymic Carcinoma Center is committed to assisting in the support of thymic carcinoma patients and families with various out-of-pocket costs associated with the need to travel long-distances for treatments.

Donate to Thymic Carcinoma

Thymic Carcinoma Center is funded entirely by donations and grants from individuals, foundations, companies, and special events. Thank you for considering a gift to our foundation. Every donation helps! Your kind donation helps Thymic Carcinoma Center provides patient assistance, education, and medical research needed to help those with Thymic Carcinoma Cancer. Thank you from all of us!!
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